Clear Lake Farm

We feed you the way we feed our family.

We are a small family farm, and we raise food naturally. All of our animals range freely enjoying high quality feed and a high quality life. We never use antibiotics, hormones, or any petro-chemicals. Clear Lake Farm is a beautiful, happy place where we raise domestic animals according to ancestral methods. It is our pleasure to provide you with the very best and cleanest food. We feed you what we feed our family. Get in touch if you'd like to order food. . .or call to schedule a visit!



Free Ranging Pork

Pork chops: $8/lb, most packages are 1.5 pounds. 

Cubed steaks: $6/lb, most packages are 1 pound. 

Patty sausage: $8/lb, most packages are 1 pound. No nitrates!

Link sausage:  $8/lb, most packages are 2 pounds.

All sausage that we carry is mild, but spicy sausage can be pre-ordered by making a special request.

Ribs: $9/lb

Boston butt: $7/lb, most packages are 3-5 pounds.

Picnic shoulder: $6/lb, most packages are 2.5-4 pounds

Pork neck bones: $4/lb 

Ham hocks: $4/lb

Whole hogs and half hogs are available for preorder! 

Whole hog: $3.50/lb

Half hog: $4/lb

Pasture Poultry

(Chicken is available in the spring fall, turkey in November.)

Whole Chickens: $4/lb

Chicken giblets are available by request. Chicken livers are available too if you ask about them.

Whole Bourbon Red turkeys: $6/lb

All food is delivered to Tallahassee on a semi-regular basis. Place an order and arrange for delivery or to come pick up your food. Get in touch to find our about availability which varies seasonally and week to week. We always sell out quickly!